Fracking Will Fracture the Climate

throughout the years its just going to keep on increasing and harming the environment. we need to make a change before its too late and the earth is way beyond repair. everything is taken for granted but we are losing the earth slowly, and the harm being done just keeps on increasing. we need to make sure that future generations get to enjoy life as we did. so lets try to make a change for everyone and for yourself. think of how much better the earth would be if we all tried to help it out. so go help out and sign the petition in the link below to contribute to the change that is trying to be made.

Climate Denial Crock of the Week

frackwells2Huffington Post:

 Amid mounting calls to phase out fossil fuels in the face of rapidly worsening climate change, the United States is ramping up oil and gas drilling faster than any other country, threatening to add 1,000 coal plants’ worth of planet-warming gases by the middle of the century, according to a report released Wednesday.

By 2030, the U.S. is on track to produce 60 percent of the world’s new oil and gas supply, an expansion at least four times larger than in any other country. By 2050, the country’s newly tapped reserves are projected to spew 120 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere.

That would make it nearly impossible to keep global warming within the 2.3 degrees Fahrenheit above pre-industrial averages, beyond which United Nations scientists forecast climate change to be catastrophic, with upward of $54 trillion in damages.

The findings ― from a report…

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